TV Audience Survey


The aim of the research is to determine the audience of various TV channels and broadcasts. TNS LT TV audience research employing TV meter technology has been carried out in Lithuania since 2000. Over the time, the research has become standard in the market as well as it had impact on the growth of the advertising market since operative and accurate data helps plan advertising budget in more efficient manner.


Research methods

The research includes more than 1070 respondents from 4 years of age. Minute-by minute TV viewers’ audience indexes are provided on the following TV channels: TV3, LNK, LRT Televizija, BTV, Lietuvos Ryto Televizija, TV6, TV1, LRT Kultura, Pirmasis Baltijos Kanalas, Liuks!, Info TV, RTR Planeta, REN TV, NTV Mir and TV8. Analysis of other TV channels is possible after estimating the share of viewers’ audience.

In randomly selected households, TV meters are installed which keep track on how long and how frequently every viewer watches certain TV channel. Over 630 TV meter devices are installed in 430 Lithuanian domestic households, which have been carefully selected according to demographic and technical criteria so that they would represent Lithuanian residents who have TV sets. The results are assessed in such a away that it would precisely represent the proportion of Lithuanian population in terms of gender, age, nationality and place of living.

Preliminary data is submitted on a daily basis: TV audience data can be provided on the morning of the following day.

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