Who We Are


Our history

We are the highest-qualification market researchers, analysts and consultants who are fond of our work and devoted to clients, full of good ideas and constantly striving to implement them.

In cooperation with the biggest Lithuanian companies, we have gained valuable experience in delivering analysis and insights in target group management, new product introduction, retail trade, brands and communication sectors, as well as in carrying out media researches, providing communication and advertising monitoring services.

The members of ESOMAR (World Association for Market, Social and Opinion Research) are among our employee ranks. Our activity is based on the standards of the International Market and Social Research Practice Codex.

Exclusive heritage

In the 70s five market research companies were established that today form the core of TaylorNelsonSofres (TNS) Group:

In 1960 Intersearch was founded in the USA;

In 1962 AGB – in the UK;

In 1963 Sofres – in France;

In 1964 FrankSmallAssociates – in Australia;

In 1965 TaylorNelson – in the UK.

The very start of the group dates back to 1946 when NFO (NationalFamilyOpinion) launched its activities.


In 1998 market and media researches as well as advertising monitoring were launched. Interviewers network was established all over Lithuania.

In 1999 TV meter system was installed, which allows presenting data about TV viewers on daily basis with 1 minute accuracy. TV meter data has become the recognized rating currency in the media and advertising markets.

In 2002 the company becomes the part of TNS.

In 2008 TNS Group joins WPP, the biggest communication service network in the world.

At the end of 2008 WPP/Kantar Group* purchases TNS. In 2011 Kantar Group was the second biggest market research companies in the world in terms of revenue.

In 2010 the most advanced and capable call center was established in Lithuania.

*Kantar Group is one of the biggest market research groups providing business insights and consultations. Joining 13 unique abilities of specialized companies, the group seeks to become the most prominent among companies which offer relevant and practical business insights to the world business community. 28,500 employees work in 100 countries of the world in various market research and consultation sectors enabling the group to offer its clients business insights in all life stages of their products. More than half of the companies rated by FortuneTop 500 use services of the group. Kantar Group is a subsidiary of WPP Group.